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  • Best Places To Live In Nottingham

  • nottingham tramIf you are planning to rent or even purchase a property in the Nottingham area, it is important to do your research before making a permanent move. There are various areas in Nottingham and not all of them are beneficial; therefore, it is recommended that you take your family’s needs with the community situation into account before making a commitment.

    This article will provide information on the best places live in Nottingham.

    1. Arboretum

    Arboretum is an area most commonly inhabited by students as it is very close to the Nottingham University campus. It is also quite close to the city center making it highly convenient for individuals who appreciate having all the stores and night sports on their doorstep. The rental prices here are affordable and it is beneficial for younger couples or students; however, you may want to continue searching if you are a family or newly-wed couple looking to start a family.

    2. Beeston

    Beeston is an area that is slightly outside of Nottingham itself and can be considered a separate town rather than part of the Nottingham district. The reason it is placed on this list is that it falls into Nottinghamshire and is highly beneficial for people who are searching for the quiet life with uptown conveniences. Buses and trains are available across the town and provide access to the center of Nottingham if required, but it possible to find most items in Beeston.

    3. Dunkirk

    Dunkirk is noted as one of the best places live in Nottingham by the majority of students. It is an area that is close to the University of Nottingham, but it is not as noisy as Arboretum. Catering to students, Dunkirk has a plethora of convenience stores and smaller shops; as well as various amenities with facilities for entertainment including cinemas and bowling centers.

    4. Clifton

    Located not too far from the Nottingham city center, Clifton is an area dominated by older housing estates. The area is not one of the ideal options, but it should be mentioned because of its cheap housing cost. As a housing estate area, the majority of tenants are low-income families, but this should not deter people who are looking for an area with supermarkets close by and a regular public transport route.

    5. Lenton

    Lenton is similar to Dunkirk being highly popular among students of the University of Nottingham. While it can be extremely busy during the academic year, it can be quite quiet during the summer and over the holiday period. As a student area, many police schemes have been implemented making this area highly preferable to its low crime rate. Furthermore, Lenton presents with various amenities and entertainment options including restaurants and takeaway businesses. Families may find this area beneficial because of the Lenton Recreation Ground that has many lawns to enjoy or let the children play on.

    6. The Park And Canning Circus

    One of Nottingham’s premier areas to live, this private residential estate is a highly exclusive alternative when moving to the city. Residents within this estate can benefit from permit holder parking, close proximity to many shops in the city and a low number of students. No buses run through the estate, but this is not necessarily a problem because of the close proximity to the city center.

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