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  • A Guide To Leicester When Visiting The City


    jewry wall leicster


    While Leicester may not be as popular as London or Birmingham, it continues to be an interesting English town to visit during a trip to England. It may not have various historic sites or quaint markets, but there are a few ancient buildings that can be viewed and are worth the trouble seeing.

    Below are some of the top things to do in Leicester when visiting the city.

    1. The Jewry Wall

    Undoubtedly, the oldest structure found in Leicester is the Jewry Wall. This is an important piece of history because it is an original section of the ancient Jewry Wall. Standing approximately 5m high and 23cm long, it is found alongside Talbot Lane in Leicester City Centre.

    The Jewry Wall was originally built in 130 AD or thereabouts and it was previously known as Hadrian’s Bathhouse – a section that was part of the original Roman bathhouses. Unfortunately, unlike the various Roman bathhouses, Hadrian’s Bathhouse presented with a fault in the engineering of the structure and this resulted in the bathers having to use a cistern to fill the baths instead of the aqueduct feeding water into the bathhouse automatically. The case was that the structure was not as strong as the others and did not last as long.

    2. The Guildhall

    Found in the same grounds as the Leicester Cathedral, St. Martin’s and between Guildhall Land and Peacock Lane, the Guildhall can be noted as one of the things to do in Leicester when visiting. The Guildhall is a half-timbered building that was originally created in the 14th century and was used as a prison for several years. Now open to the public, the rickety flooring with warped beams demonstrate the age of the building.

    In 1642, part of the Guildhall was used by the Leicester town library making it the third oldest public library in England. Despite being used by modern facilities, the structure remained rickety and there was the talk of ghosts occupying the structure. It should also be noted that despite the Guildhall being used as a prison, the area still presents with finely carved medieval wooden entrances overlooking older prison cells.

    3. The National Space Centre

    One of the greatest additions to the town of Leicester in recent years is the National Space Centre. This structure can be found alongside Corporation Road and while the sign leading to the building is confusing, it is impossible to confuse the distinctive shape of the center.

    Sadly, the center does not set off rockets at the National Space Centre is a museum of space exploration and not an active research facility. It houses permanent exhibitions of space exploration, such as space capsules, satellites, and rockets.

    One of the most interesting aspects of the National Space Centre is that it is an interactive museum. This means that an individual can be an active viewer of the exhibits instead of a passive viewer merely staring at the items. The National Space Centre is noted as being one of the best educational museums in England and supports various educational activities.

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