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  • How Good Is Coventry For Couples? We Take a Look

  • Regardless of whether you are searching for a casual “getting to know you” location or a place to spend a romantic evening, there are various areas in the Coventry area for couples to enjoy. This article will provide information on the top five romantic venues showing the things for couples in Coventry to do.

    1. The Belgrade Theatre

    Well known for being the only professional theatre in Coventry still offering regular theatrical performances, the Belgrade Theatre can act as one of the many things for couples in Coventry to do. Since the opening in 1958, the Belgrade Theatre has become identified as an iconic building distinguished, yet still blending in with the city’s historical landscape. Recognised as being a historical building, it also provides individuals in the community with the opportunity to view and host performances. This theatre plays to different audiences several nights per week with their concerts varying on a regular basis.

    2. The Skydome And Planet Ice

    The Skydome in Coventry offers couples one of the most traditionally romantic activities – a movie and a meal. This large complex in the center of Coventry presents with one of the largest Odeon cinema complexes in Southern England. It also offers various restaurants outlets alongside the cinema to suit all the different tastes of the couples.

    Next door to the Skydome Arena, you will find Coventry’s first ice-skating center and here you will be able to enjoy a session of skating for an affordable amount. Planet Ice is considered one of the most exciting things for couples in Coventry to enjoy with different types of ice-skating options available day or night. It should also be noted that the Planet Ice Arena is home to the Coventry Blaze ice hockey team. This is highly beneficial for couples who enjoy sporting events and are looking for sporting action on their dates.

    3. The Establishment

    Previously known as the Blue Bistro, The Establishment is a romantic restaurant located in the center of Coventry city center. It is an upper-class establishment, so there may be a need for dressing up to meet the fashionable decor and requirements. One of the most intriguing aspects of The Establishment is that it is a historical venue dating back to 1783. The only catch is that the site was used for public executions and it was the site of the final public hanging performed in Coventry.

    4. Coombe Abbey Park

    A few miles from the center of Coventry is the attractive area known as the Coombe Abbey Park. Unlike the smaller inner-city parks, Coombe Abbey Park is a larger country area with a ground space of approximately 500 acres. This makes it one of the ideal picnic locations for families or couples visiting Coventry.

    5. The Cosy Club

    One of the most modern and stylish restaurants in the Coventry city center is the Cosy Club. Marked as the ideal of things for couples in Coventry to do during a romantic night, it is intimate while still being attractive for different social meetings. The array of drinks and food is available at an affordable amount, so be sure to check it out.

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