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    • Sell My House Fast Coventry's No.1 Property Buyers

      Sell My House Fast Coventry offers an easy way for you to sell your house quickly for cash. We will consider giving you a serious cash offer for your house whatever the condition and in any location across the Coventry area within 7 days. 

      The way we buy homes for cash is much quicker than the usual sell methods which are slow and drawn out via estate agents and from your very first contact with us, you will see we like fast house sales and to get things up and running as soon as possible.

      This means that you can release the money tied up in your Coventry home in only a matter of 7 days, not months and there is certainly no more thinking about paying any;

      1. Solicitors
      2. Surveyors
      3. Agents extortionate fees

      Our years of operation and vast knowledge in the Coventry and West Midlands property market has allowed us to add a streamlined and easy to use service for new clients wishing to sell their property fast for cash in Coventry as quickly as possible.

      It's Not All About Selling A House Fast But Helping You Out Too

      Our Sell My House Fast company servicing Coventry was set up out of the experience of helping friends over 20 years ago who had got into financial difficulties through a variety of circumstances. We found that we could generally help effectively, mostly because we were outside the problem, not drowning in it. Sell My House Fast specializes in buying property in Coventry from those who really want to sell fast to cash buyers only, possibly renting back and who would want to remain in the Coventry area they live but can't afford to pay the mortgage on the house.

      A popular phrase that people type into Google is "sell house fast Coventry". This reveals that there is a strong market for house sellers to sell their property in a short time.

      At Sell My House Fast we take into account that this decision to sell will not have been taking lightly and as a professional house buying company serving the Midlands and Coventry area, it's our responsibility to make all our processes easy to understand and give our clients in Coventry and elsewhere 100% customer satisfaction.

      Sell My House Fast are a Midlands based business who understand that things don’t always go to plan and want to help you solve your problems. We have been helping people from all walks of life with all kinds of challenges and in some cases, families facing more than one problem when trying to sell their house. If you are experiencing any of the following and need to sell your property fast we have the necessary know how to help you out.  

      • Separation
      • Redundancy
      • Illness
      • Relocation
      • Negative equity
      • Financial difficulty
      • Repossession

      We believe the only good deal is one where both parties leave happy. We rely on word of mouth for most of our work in Coventry and have a reputation to protect, so we always strive for honesty, helpfulness and to do business with the highest ethical standards. We began to offer advice and to help owners needing to sell their home fast In Coventry and Sell My House Fast are here to help you get the best price for your Coventry home. There are lots of reasons for wanting to sell your house fast and it might seem hopeless at the moment. But, if we have learned anything at Sell House Fast, it’s this: 

      If we can work together, and be a little creative in our approach, then there are more solutions out there than you imagine.We are not a mortgage broker or an Independent Financial Advisor; but merely a company with good knowledge of the Coventry property market and have resources available to you and the ability to buy your home fast, for cash.

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    • What Our Clients Are Saying On Google Reviews

    • I used Sell My House Fast last year for a property in Birmingham and I can't thank them highly enough. Got the price I was looking for in 10 days. Thanks, guys.

      Google Rating: David Crossan

    • Great estate agent, which was recommended from a freind in birmingham they bought my house for cash and I was very happy with what they offered me. I was able to rent it back from them which was a great relief because my little one has just started school close to us.

      Google Rating: Hayley V. Johnston

    • Sell my house fast were excellent. I have struggled to sell my nan's house for long time now and once I got in touch with them it was completed in cash within days. For anyone in a similar positon I would recommend these guys.

      Google Rating: Adam Robinson

    • It's Easy As 1,2,3 With Sell My House Fast In Coventry


      You can get in touch with us either by our online inquiry form with a call back within 24hrs or by calling us direct on 0121 726 1125 to speak with an experienced house buyer (not an automated machine or call center) working for us in the Coventry area.

      We will ask you some simple and direct questions about the property in Coventry and it is worthwhile to have some information at hand during the call. The type of questions will be –

      • What type of house do you currently own
      • Where is the exact location in Coventry you want to sell 
      • What is the current condition of the home or flat in Coventry
      • Is it mortgage or not
      • Any other needs specific to your situation

      By giving us information it allows our Coventry area property buyers to give you a guideline valuation whilst on the phone detailing what we can offer you for a fast cash sale within 7 days (subject to our inspection and survey).

      If you are happy and agree to our offer, then your allocated property consultant will then visit your house in Coventry for a free property inspection and explain to you the sales process and will be able to answer any questions which you may have at the time. Our consultant will then move forward quickly with the sale, keeping you fully informed. You can call your Coventry area property consultant at any time to discuss with him or her any queries or last-minute worries you may have. We want to offer you a fast and first class yet approachable one-to-one service.

      After our contact, we will arrange for one of our surveyors to visit your Coventry house and to carry out a full survey of your property before providing you with a solid offer in writing at no extra cost whatsoever to you. As soon as we have received a signed agreement from our written offer, we will then give the go-ahead to one of our panel of experts to take control of all the required legal paperwork, again all at zero cost to you!.

      We are more than happy for you to have a solicitor present should you wish to use one (at your own cost) and if everything is legally agreed and all signed, we will as promised work to a completion date agreed with you which can range anywhere between 3 – 31 days, entirely to suit your own needs.

      On the date of actual completion of your Coventry home, we will then exchange contracts, collect the house keys from you and make a fast cash payment deposit into your chosen bank account - all on the same day.

      The Option Of Renting Once Your Fast House Sale Is Complete

      Rent to Own is an idea where we can offer you a reasonable fast cash price for your Coventry home, and immediately take over the mortgage payments, until completion which is within an agreed time frame. This can be extremely helpful to those who cannot sell or drop they're asking too low but have the threat of their home being repossessed.

      Rent to own is the alternative way to potentially buy your house in Coventry. In this arrangement, you agree to rent the house with extra charges for a certain period before maybe buying the house. However, you can choose not to buy the house at the end if you don’t want to.

      The rent to own arrangement is advantageous to both us and yourself the buyer. It is an opportunity for you to remain in your Coventry home without any commitment to buy. If you do choose to re-purchase it would be at the then current day market prices.

      We benefit from this arrangement in many ways. For example, sellers can get many buyers willing to buy the house as this arrangement is cheaper and will eventually buy a stagnated house. Another advantage is the higher price. As a seller, we can ask for a higher price because of the flexibility of this arrangement.

      The drawback in this arrangement to us is time wasted as the buyer may end up not buying the house. In addition, there could be a possible drop in Coventry market prices which means reselling the house at a cheaper price.

      As it goes with all rent to own options, you must make sure you avoid being scammed in addition to having less control over the house. In some cases, the new owner may stop paying the mortgage loan leading to a loss of property through foreclosure.

      Here at sell my house fast Coventry, we strive to make this sales process clear, easy, fast and hassle-free.

      Contact Us Today On 0121 726 1117 To Move Your Life Foward

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    • F.A.Q

    • Q. The Offer in Principle, how long will it take to Sell my House for Cash?

      All circumstances are different but on average you should be able to see your house within 7 days. However, certain properties might take a bit longer but we will let you know when we begin the process.

    • Q. Will you pay the market value for my property?

      We work to provide a solution which is mutually beneficial for the seller and ourselves. Cash purchases offers are normally lower than the market value. We have no upper limit and under certain conditions, we can offer close to the market value.

    • Q. How can you buy my house for cash so quickly?

      We have access to funds which allows us to buy your property without going through the normal mortgage process, this makes the transaction much quicker.

    • Q. How do you determine the amount you will offer for our house?

      There are many things to consider including the condition of your property, the extent and cost of the renovations required, when we will be able to complete these renovations, and the value of the repaired property relative to comparable properties on the market in the same market.

    • Q. What happens next in the selling process?

      One of our professional Property Investors will contact you to discuss your home sale in more detail. This individual is in the business of purchasing homes in your area and will be able to assess your properties value and make you an offer. Assuming you agree, an agreement will be drafted and a closing date arranged.

    • Q. Do I need to pay any fees to sell my house?

      There are NO FEES you need to pay. We cover everything from solicitors fees to any other unknown additional fees.



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