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  • Leicester – Certainly a Unique Place!


    If you live in Leicester or the local area, are thinking of visiting the city or are simply interested in the region, you may love to know the answer to one intriguing question; Leicester is famous for what curious things? Let’s find out!

    • Walkers Crisps!

    Who doesn’t love a good packet of Walkers crisps? Whether you are a classic ‘Salt & Vinegar’ type of person or love to try some of the newer and more adventurous flavors, one thing is for sure; being the home of these household snacks sure is something for Leicester to brag about!

    • History Under The Car Park!

    Did you know that a very strange discovery was made under a Leicester car park in 2012? A team of archaeologists, spurred on by one of their notorious hunches, found regal remains right there under a city car park. In fact, they had no sooner started digging that the remains of King Henry III were found. Of all things to find in a Leicester car park, this surely has to be one of the strangest of them all!

    • The Elephant Man Came From Leicester

    While we may know of him only as The Elephant Man, this individual did have a personal name, he was called Merrick. Due to his disabilities, he found it difficult to find employment which led to him finally taking a sideshow job, likely the reason why we all know of him today. Leicester was the place that The Elephant Man came from.

    • The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole

    It’s a book that was part of many childhoods. In fact, even today it still forms an integral part of reading for children of a suitable age. However, while you may have loved the book when you were growing up, what you may not have known is that it found its roots in Leicester.

    The author, Sue Townsend, based this fascinating teen story in her home city of Leicester. In fact, if you visit the city today you will be able to see a theatre, which was once known as the Phoenix Arts Centre, is now adorned with the name of this cherished author. While Sue passed away in 2014 her literary work certainly lives on, as Leicester is proud to show.

    • Leicester Is The Home Town Of Kasabian

    If you are into your rock music, you likely know a lot about Kasabian. Perhaps you have their albums, have seen them in concert or at least enjoy their music when it comes on the radio. However, you may not know that Leicester is this rock band’s hometown. If you go to a Kasabian concert in Leicester you are sure to be left in no doubt of the fact!

    So now you have the answer to our intriguing question; Leicester is famous for what curious things? Indeed, from Walkers crisps to the rock band Kasabian, there is no doubt that this part of the world has a lot to boast about!

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