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    • Are You Looking To Sell Your House In Leicester Fast For Cash Fast?

      Sell My House Fast offers an easy way for you to sell your home quickly for cash. We buy a range of different properties no matter what the current condition is across the Leicester area.

      The way we buy properties is much quicker than the usual slow and drawn out process via an estate agent which can become an extremely stressful situation. from your very first contact with us you will see we like to get things up and running as soon as possible which means that you can release the money tied up in your home in only a matter of a few days rather than many months.

      That means no more thinking about having to pay any solicitors', surveyors' and agents' extortionate fees. Our years of operation and vast knowledge in the West and East Midlands property market have allowed us to start a straightforward and easy to use service for new clients wishing to sell their property for cash in as little time as possible.

      We create a simple house buying process at Sell My House Fast that our clients understand and feel comfortable with unlike some of our less scrupulous competitors. At Sell My House Fast we believe this ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

      Here's How Sell My House Fast works

      You contact us on 0121 726 1125 or fill in the online inquiry form on our website and we'll call you back within 24 hours.

      We will ask you some simple questions about your house such as;

      • what type of home do you live in
      • where is the location
      • what is the current condition

      Any other needs specific to your personal situation which will allow our property buying expert to give you a guideline valuation over the phone will be taken into account. This will help us detail how much we can offer you for a quick cash sale (subject to our inspection and survey).

      If you are happy with the price we offer, then one of our local expert consultants will then make a free home visit to look at the property and explain the entire sale process to you and answer any questions you may want to ask.

      You are under no obligation to proceed further at any point, this it's just a simple chat to see if we can help.

    • What Our Leicester Clients Are Saying On Google Reviews

    • I used Sell My House Fast last year for a property in Birmingham and I can't thank them highly enough. Got the price I was looking for in 10 days. Thanks, guys.

      Google Rating: David Crossan

    • Great estate agent, which was recommended from a freind in birmingham they bought my house for cash and I was very happy with what they offered me. I was able to rent it back from them which was a great relief because my little one has just started school close to us.

      Google Rating: Hayley V. Johnston

    • Sell my house fast were excellent. I have struggled to sell my nan's house for long time now and once I got in touch with them it was completed in cash within days. For anyone in a similar positon I would recommend these guys.

      Google Rating: Adam Robinson

    •  Sell My House Fast Is A Trusted Company In Leicester


      Sell My House Fast was set up out of the experience of helping local sellers who had got into financial difficulties through a variety of circumstances. 

      Sell My House Fast now specializes in both buying property from those who want to sell fast, and buying an “option to buy” at a later date, for those who can afford to wait a little longer to get the full asking price for their homes.

      We believe the only good deal is one where both parties leave happy. We rely on word of mouth for most of our work and have a reputation to protect, so we always strive for honesty, helpfulness and to do business with the highest ethical standards. 

      Most homeowners end up having to sell their property for less than fifty percent of its value when they need to sell their home fast. All of that hard-earned equity gone in minutes. 

      Sell My House Fast is not interested in making any gains from your own unfortunate circumstance and we offer fair and competitive rates to all homeowners that need to sell their house fast. There are many reasons why people need to sell their home fast for cash and we have come across everyone many. 

      • Relocating to a new job  
      • Too many outstanding debts 
      • Lawyers fee's for various reasons
      • Troubled area and not able to sell
      • Inheritance leftover
      • The house is too small or too big
      • Relationship troubles

      Sometimes people just can’t afford a home, there are too many bills, liens or judgments have piled up against the house, or the taxes are too high. Whatever your reasons are, Sell My House Fast is here to help you sell your home fast and get a fresh start on life.

      At Sell My House Fast if we have learned anything at all, it’s this: if we can work together, and be a little creative in our approach, then there are more solutions out there then you imagine. We are not a mortgage broker, estate agent or an Independent Financial Advisor; but merely a trusted company with knowledge of some of the options that might be available to you and the ability to buy your home fast, for cash.  

      If we can work together, and be a little creative in our approach, then there are more solutions out there then you imagine. We are not a mortgage broker, estate agent or an Independent Financial Advisor; but merely a trusted company with huge knowledge of the property market in the Midlands and have the ability to buy your home fast, for cash within 7 days.

      Get In-touch with us now 0121 726 1117


      Visit Here ==>To Sell Your Property Fast In The Birmingham Area

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    • F.A.Q

    • Q. The Offer in Principle, how long will it take to Sell my House for Cash?

      All circumstances are different but on average you should be able to see your house within 7 days. However, certain properties might take a bit longer but we will let you know when we begin the process.

    • Q. Will you pay the market value for my property?

      We work to provide a solution which is mutually beneficial for the seller and ourselves. Cash purchases offers are normally lower than the market value. We have no upper limit and under certain conditions, we can offer close to the market value.

    • Q. How can you buy my house for cash so quickly?

      We have access to funds which allows us to buy your property without going through the normal mortgage process, this makes the transaction much quicker.

    • Q. How do you determine the amount you will offer for our house?

      There are many things to consider including the condition of your property, the extent and cost of the renovations required, when we will be able to complete these renovations, and the value of the repaired property relative to comparable properties on the market in the same market.

    • Q. What happens next in the selling process?

      One of our professional Property Investors will contact you to discuss your home sale in more detail. This individual is in the business of purchasing homes in your area and will be able to assess your properties value and make you an offer. Assuming you agree, an agreement will be drafted and a closing date arranged.

    • Q. Do I need to pay any fees to sell my house?

      There are NO FEES you need to pay. We cover everything from solicitors fees to any other unknown additional fees.



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