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  • Reposession

    The Repossession Process


    Here at Sell My House Fast, we are able to offer all homeowners a quick and stress-free option to sell their property no matter what condition, size or location, We specialize in offering you a quick home sale to avoid home repossession, giving you swift access to a cash amount that can not only pay off your debts but that can also leave you with money left to help you in starting again in a new location!.


    We are a well-established quick house buyer that supplies a service that is;

    1. Guaranteed realistic offer for your property
    2. Peace of mind that we will complete.
    3. We manage the process for you to save you time and hassle
    4. Has no hidden charges or extra costs high street estate agent
    5. Have no delays
    6. Stress-free


    Stop repossession proceedings from destroying everything you have worked so hard for with the professional assistance that is offered to you here at Sell My House Fast.

    Our ethos has always been to provide a viable alternative to our clients and to put preventive measures in place to stop a loss of home, leaving you with nothing.

    Our repossessions advice team have been offering unbiased and confidential assistance for years and can easily show you the light at the end of the tunnel, a way to stop house repossession from happening.


    With so many homeowners experiencing the same unfortunate circumstances, due to the recession, rises in their mortgage rates, unexpected redundancies or job cuts and a host of other unforeseen events, it has been a worrying time for many. There are a number of reasons why you are facing repossession, but in today’s economic climate it is becoming a more common occurrence.

    Visit our homepage to find out how to sell your property quick in the Birmingham area and Midlands.

  • Steps Involved In Repossession

    The following process for the repossession of a house is the last resort for any lender and they are highly likely to help you out if they are aware that you are trying to do something about the situation. So whatever you do don't ignore any letters which come to your home and reply with what you intend to do positively. 

    The repossession process will normally start if your attempts to reach an agreement have not been successful and your lender deciding to accepted it or not. It's around 10-12 weeks from the first initial contact with your lender that proceeding will begin however you would receive a warning letter 2 weeks prior to advising of this court action.

    Once the courts have received your lender's request and accepted the grounds on which they are claiming the courts will make contact with you with 3 pieces of important information sent to your home that will tell you 

    1. Date the house repossession hearing has been arranged for
    2. Why the lender wants to repossess your home
    3. A blank defense form for you to use to apply against

    For you to have any chance of saving your home at this point it's important to reply with the defense form and make arrangements to take advantage of the free legal advise which can get. The free legal advice can help you by representing your case on the day and also help you come to the last minute arrangement to pay the debt owed.

    At a county court, a judge will hear the case brought against you and make a decision based on what he/she is presented with from the lender and you or any representative with you. There can various outcomes from this that the judge can make and will most likely be one of the following

    • Agree with the lender and recoup any money from the sale to repay back mortgage debt
    • Allow you to remain in the home while you pay back debt owed
    • Postpone the case for another time
    • Dismiss the case which has been brought to you

    One thing that must be made clear here is that any agreements which are made in the court of law must be kept and if for any reason it is not you will risk losing your home with immediate effect.

    On making an appearance you will be asked to bring with you some proof of finances any of the following will be suffice 

    1. Job payslip
    2. Bank statements from the past 6 months
    3. Benefit evidence or letters regarding
    4. Letter from anyone trying to sell your home

    After the hearing has been made the judge will either a) grant an order of possession or b) suspended possession order

    If an order of possession is granted then you will have between 28 days to 56 days (on the judge's orders) to vacate your home and possibly cover legal cost's of the lender.

    On the flip side if a suspended possession order is given you are then allowing yourself an opportunity to stay and keep your home as long as the payments that are agreed are kept up to date. Failing to do so means the lender can ask the court to evict you.

    Taking the right steps to stop house repossession proceedings in their tracks, turning your life around for the better, here at Sell My House Fast we understand acting as quickly as possible to deliver the most effective solution for you.

    As a specialist company assisting and helping Midlands’s property owners avoid repossession proceedings for a number of years now, our services remain as dedicated and professional as the first moment we offered our practical solutions to residents across the Midlands.  For a fast house sale, you really have come to the right place; we have agents around the UK that are waiting to help you avoid home repossession.


    Just Fill In The Online Form or Give Us A Call to STOP Home Repossession Quickly.


    With a fast house sale, we can have the full transaction completed within 7 days, removing the stress that you are under and enable you to avoid repossession.

    One of our fully trained team members will follow the purchase of your property from the very start to completion; he or she will be available to you when you need them and will offer you support and advice during this stressful time. Even if you are not at the stage where you are ready to go ahead, we can offer you sound, honest and reliable advice on your options and what we feel will be the best course of action for you.

    At Sell My House Fast Birmingham we do all that we can to stop repossession orders by calculating the most beneficial offer for any type of property, regardless of

    • It's location
    • The size of the property
    • Type of property
    • Condition its currently in

    In doing so we pay close attention to the amount we consider is a reasonable offer, investigating locations and similar house prices within the area to reach a suitable figure. We take into account the type of home you need to sell fast (with terraced properties being one of the most common) and its overall condition. If your home has been updated in recent years, or you have spent time, money and energy on making it the ideal home, these are all factors in reaching a final offer.

    Just check to see how every one of our clients has been completely satisfied with the services we have provided for them.

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