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  • The Best Eating Places In Wolverhampton

  • Are you familiar with the West Midlands in England? The city of Wolverhampton or ‘Wolf Town’ is in that area.

    When you visit Wolf Town, you definitely want to stop by St Peter’s Collegiate Church. It is an example of gothic architecture that is just breathtaking. As you discover St Peter’s Collegiate Church and other places of interest, you also want the names of some great restaurants to stop by. When it comes to the best restaurants, Wolverhampton has many to choose from, and here are five of them.

    • The Island House

    The Island House is currently the #1 restaurant in Wolf Town. It is on Stafford Road, and not only is it a restaurant but a chip shop as well. Enjoy a fish fillet burger, haddock and chips, a T-Bone steak and much more. The desserts served up at The Island House are very interesting, such as the lemon mascarpone mousse. Eating at The Island House is a definite treat.

    • Fiume

    Fiume is another favorite when it comes to the best restaurants Wolverhampton has to offer. Located on Bridgnorth Road, Fiume serves up braised beef, tiramisu and all kinds of Italian food favorites. This restaurant is said to be a cute little place, and the pictures will show you before you visit if you take a look. Fiume is housed in what looks like a cute brick home, and it looks like a comfortable and cozy place to enjoy lunch or dinner.

    • The Curry Lounge

    The Curry Lounge is another top spot. The restaurant is located on Stafford Road, and it is known for its fusion dishes. Reviews mention that this establishment has received awards for its curries. It would make sense then that when you want the best Indian food in Wolverhampton, The Curry Lounge is the place to go. The menu is said to be huge, and you might want to make reservations ahead of time, considering the popularity of this place.

    • Bodrum Delight

    Bodrum Delight is on School Street, and it is your top spot in Wolf Town for Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. Bodrum Delight is said to have lunch specials, and there are also sharing platters available. Reviews mention that you can order what is called the ‘buffet menu.’ All the food is brought to you. This place features vegetarian-friendly menu options, and the staff is said to be warm and welcoming.

    • Hungry Bistro

    Let’s look at The Hungry Bistro next, and it can be found on Lichfield Street. Order up pork belly, fish curry, a delicious burger and much more. The Hungry Bistro is said to be a unique eatery, so you should definitely enjoy yourself. It’s always nice when you know to expect good food, good service and a nice ambiance to the restaurant.

    Are you ready for a meal in Wolf Town? There is no shortage of top restaurants to try. You can certainly bank on the fact that these establishments are five of the best places to stop for a bite to eat in Wolverhampton. The meals alone are going to be one of the best parts of your visit to Wolf Town.

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