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  • Visiting Coventry? Here’s Is A Fun Guide On What To See

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    The city of Coventry is an ideal destination for both business and leisure travelers. It is known for its rich history and captivating cultures; and offers various exciting alternatives that a visitor can sample in his or her free time. The locals are welcoming and the atmosphere receptive for anybody visiting for the first time. The next time you have some free time to spend, the following are
    things to do in Coventry.

    Visit the Coventry Cathedral Ruins St.

    Michael’s Cathedral is a top attraction site for any person visiting Coventry.The cathedral is found in a site initially founded as a Benedictine Monastery.During the Second World War, the structure was badly bombarded and suffered extensive structural damage. It was later restored, made safe and left as a memorial. The building, in general, is very interesting to view, with modern stained windows that give it a classic look. It was constructed in an unconventional north-to-south design that makes it stand out. Its outer wall has an inspiring bronze sculpture of Sir Jacob Epstein, showing the devil being defeated by St Michael. The Cathedral ruins bear a historical significance that would surely interest you. The structure is located on Priory Street in the city center and is open daily to the public.

    Take a Tour of the Coventry Transport Museum

    The Coventry Transport Museum can be located towards the north of the city center on Hales Street. It boasts the largest collection of British made automobiles throughout the UK, including the record-breaking world land speed thrust cars. The museum is divided into galleries with specific collections of cars taking you through a historical journey of different modes of transport. The hall is open daily, offering free admission to members the public and is only closed on Christmas and Boxing days.

    Visit the Herbert Art and Museum

    It is located in Jordan Well on the south side of the cathedral. The building offers a fantastic look at the history of Coventry in the form of art and gallery; with exhibitions on archeology, natural history and a history of the city. Anybody who appreciates art and understands the significance of conserving history will find this gallery a must-visit. You get to view artifacts and exhibits from some of the grisly and interesting cases that have been handled. Some temporal exhibitions charge visitors together with some activities and workshops. However, the museum is free and open to the public all week.

    St. Mary’s Guildhall

    This is an exquisite medieval building that has hosted very renowned figures in history. It is where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned at one time, and any fan of performed arts would be thrilled to know that Shakespeare once performed here. It is also the place where a collapsing table soaked a King in Coventry custard. St. Mary’s Guildhall can be found in Bayley Lane in the city center.

    The above are just a few of the many historically significant and interesting places that you can tour when you find yourself in Coventry, with some hours to spare. There are many more attractions that are waiting for you to discover and explore, but the above will be a good start.

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